Thursday, August 4, 2011


Taking on teaching my girls Japanese
has become a great challenge
so its been nice to have some fun with the learning

After attending a workshop at the library
We sourced our plants from the local nursery
Stumbling across a farm with friendly owners
We got to come back later in the day for calf feeding
The girls are eagerly awaiting Sept when a calf is due to be born
We bought some pots to paint as well
and borrowed a book on how to from the library

After watching the workshop and gaining some confidence
we trimmed, wired and sculpted
making sure the girls didn't cut too much off

Trimmed the roots to fit into a small pot and wired that down

We all had lots of fun decorating
and it was such a peaceful and relaxing activity

Now the challenge is to keep them alive
The sensai said if you let them dry out you have lost them
so Ellie is in charge of making sure we water them