Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home schoolers mini fair

One of the blessing of being part of a homeschoolers social network
is attending the events that are created by the wonderful parents.
Last month we found ourselves at a mini fair
The children were to man the stalls
create the product and sell it
So refreshing watching the little entrepreneurs at work

These had to be my favourite consumables!

Such pretty lolly pop bikkies

Garden produce

Im not sure what happened when you guessed the amount of marbles. Did someone win the jar?

The wrestling arena.....oi vey!

Honey joys, water bombs and bubbles....a child favourite things

Oh i didn't get to taste this

Angie hard at work creating masterpieces

The imagination behind some of the stalls was great!

Boys selling their mother jewellery
(their mothers created diamonds or ruby bargains to be had today)

I think my favourite had to be the experience that my girls had at this fair
It was Sarah's idea to busk as she has been asking to do so for at least a year now
They made such a lovely racket
Thank you to all our lovely homeschooling friends, big and small,
that dropped their coins at their feet
Egos were boosted and their creative hearts content

Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking a trip around Australia

This Term we have decided to go traveling
Having copious amounts of maps we would like to explore every country

First stop... Australia

There will be road trips, stop overs, exploring history, tourism, culture and nature
All in one term. Gosh thats alot of petrol and time away from home isnt it?

We are doing all of it in the comfort and finacial security from our home!

Where shall we start?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Schools in! Last Term of 2011

We had an extra week of school holidays due to health and organisational issues this month.
It was so good to take that extra time so we could easily slide back into out homeschooling routine

First day back
Wake up at 5.30
School starts 6.30
Maths first up, Ellie flew through her book work and got to have some play time on Boost Maths
Sarah is just finishing up her grade 5 maths review. We aim to have Grade 6 Maths finished
by the end of the year. The beginning of next year will be spent on Grade 7 maths moving onto
Grade 8 maths half way through the year. She is looking forward to being up to the same level
as her old school friends.

During break time the girls took it upon themselves to do a music lesson. Sarah teaching Ellie
the basics of keyboards, then practicing their songs for a busking session they will be doing
at a Homeschoolers Fair in November.

By this time (9am) mumma has the slow cooker on and bread in the oven, bubs goes down for his morning sleep so we can get stuck into English.

Sarah is still continuing with her Narnia literature unit
I found quite a few websites that pulled ellie out of her normal book work
I printed out a few activities and Ellie loved it.
There were many stickers to hand out!

Ending the school day with some Auslan
and baby play in the backyard.

Ryan is home from High School now so its time to put on the homework hat for me
We are finding that full supervision for the rest of the year is the best way to go to get him
in a good habit for next year. More on that one later!

We enjoyed our first day back for the term, it wasnt as productive as i had hoped it would be
but i do like to add too many things to the "to do list" for the day.

Ellie has many stickers and work sheets to show daddy when he gets home
and Sarah is feeling proud about adding to her vocabulary. Its such a big world out there when you are learning new things everyday.

Tonight i plan to sit down with the girls and do some embroidery.

Thats a great start to the ending term i think!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever!

With friends, we ventured up to Strawberry Fields in Palmview

The strawberries were plump and juicy

As soon as we got to the open fields
the kids rocketed off to find their own juicy treasures

Such a full day, ending it at Kings Beach

There was jam making and strawberry sneaking to be done
Looking forward to finding another field to explore next month!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Circulatory Sytem: Working on the Heart

We had such a wonderful lesson today on the heart
One that I have been looking forward to since ordering my whole lamb
We were given organs as well
Makes for a more exciting lesson id say!

Ellie explaining to me what she knows about the heart.... blood flowing right around her chest
and making her eyes feel better!

No tongs or gloves here, its all hands on!

Sarah wasn't too keen on getting hands on but we talked her into it
They were pretty grossed out by it all but in the end wanted to get as much out of the experience

Sticking fingers in valves

And working on learning about the blood

And naming all the parts of the heart while listening to one
of our fav bands

We found the Human Body work book the most useful for this lesson
We also used the incredible human body flip chart
Science essential 1
as well as The Human Body Coloring in Book

After all the poking and prodding mumma cooked up the heart,
the kids got to try a bit of it and the chooks ate the rest up!

Tomorrow we are working on the tongue and kidneys!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Taking on teaching my girls Japanese
has become a great challenge
so its been nice to have some fun with the learning

After attending a workshop at the library
We sourced our plants from the local nursery
Stumbling across a farm with friendly owners
We got to come back later in the day for calf feeding
The girls are eagerly awaiting Sept when a calf is due to be born
We bought some pots to paint as well
and borrowed a book on how to from the library

After watching the workshop and gaining some confidence
we trimmed, wired and sculpted
making sure the girls didn't cut too much off

Trimmed the roots to fit into a small pot and wired that down

We all had lots of fun decorating
and it was such a peaceful and relaxing activity

Now the challenge is to keep them alive
The sensai said if you let them dry out you have lost them
so Ellie is in charge of making sure we water them

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Science and Singstar

We love getting together with our home schooling friends
Its such a pleasure to share this journey we are on with like minded beautiful people
We traveled to Bianca's house with science experiments in hand
letting the girls get their play done before we sat down to learn

Milk science

Balloon blowing with gases from yeast

Tea bag rockets

Soda and candy eruption

When all the work is finished we ended our day with Singstar
Trying to work out who sung the best
Bianca or her daughter Kylah
What voices!