Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Through his eyes

Taking a teenager to a child's activity day doesn't always run as smoothly as one would hope
There's the inevitable "uncoolness" of getting in with the 5 year olds to craft
The dragging time spent looking after your younger brother
Or just the fact that there is no electronic entertainment to be had for 50ks
But bring a camera with you and you can have all of the above with minimal eye rolling
Just so he can be free and wander off on his own to catch the world through his eyes

*These pictures were taken by Ryan, aged 14 at the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Am I ready for this?

After a few nightmares and seeing in the beginning of another year,
I have worked hard with myself.
This year will bring about another family member...
Homeschooling grade 3...
as well as grade 8... a highschooler!...
Working with my 14 year old and making this year the best for him, at school...
Dealing with more health issues, this time with my 1 year old...
Entertaining this 1 year old and feeding his thirst to learn.

Well, Im confident enough now to say bring it on!
I am ready, I am willing and we are going to rock this year!

I have bought copious amounts of work books and all of the highschool text books.
We are enrolled in the important online exercise programs for math and english

Pencils are sharpened and books are covered!

Although we did start a few weeks back I finally feel like we are getting in the swing of things

When i look back a few years ago when we first started homeschooling,
It makes me feel happy with where we are today. All those butterflies in my stomach!
The worrying about whether we were making the right decisions, choosing the right books
and leading our children in the right direction have all gone away.

Now we can be happy with where we are, where we are headed and enjoy this time we have together.
Wouldnt have it any other way!