Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Through his eyes

Taking a teenager to a child's activity day doesn't always run as smoothly as one would hope
There's the inevitable "uncoolness" of getting in with the 5 year olds to craft
The dragging time spent looking after your younger brother
Or just the fact that there is no electronic entertainment to be had for 50ks
But bring a camera with you and you can have all of the above with minimal eye rolling
Just so he can be free and wander off on his own to catch the world through his eyes

*These pictures were taken by Ryan, aged 14 at the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens*


Sue said...

Beautiful pics!! and a great idea!

Hubby said...

Nice Pics Ryan + Lovely post wifey

Ryan and Sars Dad said...

You have your fathers eye son. very nice shots.

Earthwand said...

Wow, great photos Ryan. I don't visit this blog often enough x

Lauren said...

Yes, these are great photos. I, too, find that handing our camera to our children does entertain them and also provide some great shots!

Karen said...

I, too, have a teenager who is a bit too cool for some of our activities.
I love the idea of handing her the camera and letting her capture beauty!

Peace, Karen

Caz said...

Those are brilliant photos Ryan! You've got a very good eye :)