Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home schoolers mini fair

One of the blessing of being part of a homeschoolers social network
is attending the events that are created by the wonderful parents.
Last month we found ourselves at a mini fair
The children were to man the stalls
create the product and sell it
So refreshing watching the little entrepreneurs at work

These had to be my favourite consumables!

Such pretty lolly pop bikkies

Garden produce

Im not sure what happened when you guessed the amount of marbles. Did someone win the jar?

The wrestling arena.....oi vey!

Honey joys, water bombs and bubbles....a child favourite things

Oh i didn't get to taste this

Angie hard at work creating masterpieces

The imagination behind some of the stalls was great!

Boys selling their mother jewellery
(their mothers created diamonds or ruby bargains to be had today)

I think my favourite had to be the experience that my girls had at this fair
It was Sarah's idea to busk as she has been asking to do so for at least a year now
They made such a lovely racket
Thank you to all our lovely homeschooling friends, big and small,
that dropped their coins at their feet
Egos were boosted and their creative hearts content