Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Circulatory Sytem: Working on the Heart

We had such a wonderful lesson today on the heart
One that I have been looking forward to since ordering my whole lamb
We were given organs as well
Makes for a more exciting lesson id say!

Ellie explaining to me what she knows about the heart.... blood flowing right around her chest
and making her eyes feel better!

No tongs or gloves here, its all hands on!

Sarah wasn't too keen on getting hands on but we talked her into it
They were pretty grossed out by it all but in the end wanted to get as much out of the experience

Sticking fingers in valves

And working on learning about the blood

And naming all the parts of the heart while listening to one
of our fav bands

We found the Human Body work book the most useful for this lesson
We also used the incredible human body flip chart
Science essential 1
as well as The Human Body Coloring in Book

After all the poking and prodding mumma cooked up the heart,
the kids got to try a bit of it and the chooks ate the rest up!

Tomorrow we are working on the tongue and kidneys!


Anonymous said...

Aaahhh, how awesome! I can't wait til my kids are a bit bigger... Thanks for the links :)

Kylie said...

wow, great job girls :-) Looks like you stayed well behind the camera, exactly where I would be too ;-)