Saturday, April 2, 2011

Home School Prep and The Big Countdown

11 more sleeps until Sarah finishes school
The preparation started a few weeks ago
Mostly getting the main cleaning chores out of the way
and trying to finish up projects

Now I can concentrate of polishing up a few things
buying the odd bits and pieces
and getting stuck into the how what why and where of it all.

This year we will be mostly getting her back up to speed
so she will go confidently into High School
(home schooled or in public school)

We will also be buying text books even though she has hers from this year
There are many others they have on offer and its good to be able to go to
different books for different tasks for her

Oh and to tackle this room!
Ryan Jr has graciously offered his desk during the day
for Sarah to be able to study at.
I just have to clean and declutter it first!

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