Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Secret Cove

Last month my brother and I flew down to Anna Bay
to visit my father and step mum, Mummy K.
While we were there we visited "OUR SECRET COVE"

It was a long walk to it,
and while Daddy and Ryan went over on to the rocky cliffs,
Mummy K and I cleaned up the beach and looked at the shells.

I think I stood on at least 500 snails.
I am very sorry snails!

I loved "THE SECRET COVE" and my trip to Anna Bay.

Love Sarah.


Inoureyes said...

That first picture is such a beautiful one, well done Sarah. I'm glad you had such a great time. Happy to have you home now!
Love Mum

Ryan and Sars Dad said...

Those are fantastic pictures Sars. I am very pleased you enjoyed your time down here. Great blogging too. Looking forward to the next time your home here. Love n Hugs, Dad and Mummy K.

Catherine said...

Hey I love your new homeschooling blog! Great to see what you guys are up to during your school days. I can get a few ideas ;0) x

tahlia said...

Hey Sarah,

How has homeschooling been?
School is fun but not with all the assiments due. Like the mahts investagation we have it is funner then the first term. I love your blog photos, it looked like you had fun with your dad down there.Talk to you soon later.

From Tahlia.