Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We have been swallowed up in revision since taking our grade 7er out of school.
Starting way back in grade 4 maths work.
We have been using the usual text books that the schools use
just so we can go over everything that she has learnt
and hopefully find things that she has missed or had problems with.

How many kids get to brush up on their skills in school?

I was faced with the question of why am i holding her back?

I'm helping her grow more strongly.
Instead of forcing her to trudge along through her grade 7 work
struggling because her foundation is not complete,
we are taking a more relaxed but thorough stance
building confidence and self esteem along the way.

And if by the end of this year, we have only just started to work on grade 7 work
there won't be any feelings of being left behind
but strength that what comes next can be concurred as she will have all the tools necessary
to keep moving forward.

While this revision is going on,

we are working on compassion and understanding.

Embracing the child within and letting her dance!

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